We are pleased to introduce our PDI Center located in the Pudong New District in Shanghai. We are responsible for the Pre-Delivery Inspection work for all Ferrari and Maserati cars entering mainland China since 2004, ensuring these high-end luxury cars are delivered to all the dealers and eventual customers in the best condition they can be. The previous site, about 2,000 sqm was relocated to our current site in 2012. Built initially on one level of 5,000 sqm, with 12 staff and catering to an average of 110 cars per month in 2012. It has since expanded to two levels, to a total of 10,000 sqm in 2014, increasing it’s operations to a team of 35 and 21 workbays currently. Within a month of expansion, the center managed to achieve a peak output of 118 cars in a day, and 1,267 cars in March 2014 when the Maserati Ghibli was launched, effectively fulfilling the inaugural, bullish demands of Maserati cars in China.

In 2015, our Shanghai PDI Center continues to provide quality assurance to both Ferrari and Maserati. As a long-term partner to both brands in China and having both the necessary technical expertise and experience of over 20 years with both brands, we are entrusted with the important task to not only inspect the new cars when they first arrived into China, but also to ensure that all imperfections on the cars are fixed and systems updated to the latest specifications before delivery to the dealers throughout China. At the same time, we are working closely with Ferrari and Maserati constantly to identify issues on their cars promptly and improve on the cars’ quality at the Factory.

Babelland Technology Limited